Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some question and want an answer quickly, before contacting us have a quick look to see if we can answer you question below. If you can't find what you are looking for or need more information then please get in touch.

3 Simple steps to getting a website with Pixel Pals?

  • Speak to us and arrange a domain name suitable for your business or organisation and we will lease it on your behalf.
  • Choose the right hosting package for your needs, most people only need the standard one. We will set that up for you ready to put your website on it.
  • Let PixelPals design and develop a bespoke website fit for your needs and we will upload it directly to your hosting account so that you're ready to go. You don't have to do anything.

Purchasing Domain Names with PixelPals

Yes. We will find a perfect domain name for you and register it to yourself or your company. We will add this to your invoice and re-invoice you every time the domain name expires (usually every 2 years but you can lease the domain name for your chosen number of years)

Purchasing Hosting with PixelPals

Yes. We can supply you with a hosting account which provides you with your own small section of a powerful web server to store your website. We use a specialist 3rd party company to provide the server space. We have used the same company for 10 years and will continue to do so as their professionalism to the industry is second to none. Unlike other popular hosting companies, our servers very rarely ever go down meaning you are always open for business.

PicelPals Web Design Timescale

We generally asskgn 2 weeks of our calendar to a project. However this can alter if the requirements are much bigger. For example, some projects include graphic design or photography before the design of the website can be constructed.

At your request we can make amendments to the timescale if you need your website quickly or by a set date.

We will arrange the timescale with you when you take on any of our services.

PixelPals Copyright Policy

Not necessarily. However, you could!

Put simply, we charge our clients for our time and not for the materials we produce, you get to use those for free. Any graphics or themes we produce for the overall design of your website remain the property of PixelPals or its subsequent partners under the copyright law. However, we do give you specific rights to use the images.

If you wish to purchase full ownership rights please request this when obtaining a quote or before work commences. Graphics and files will be supplied to you through a password protected directory on you website and stored as hard copy on a CD ROM

The million dollar question!

Don't worry, it isn't going to be that much. Depending on your needs to costs can range from £99 to £999.

To get you started we can offer a business start-up package which includes a domain name for 2 years, hosting account for 1 year and a Content Management System with basic theme. You then add your own content using a simple drag and drop user interface. We manage your hosting and domain and invoice the renewal fees each year.

Every client is different and therefore we cannot put a specific price on a website design as requirements differ on a per client basis. On average, most projects cost £250 with graphics and content produced by PixelPals. You get a finished product.

Our most expensive package includes e-commerce functionality allowing your customer to purchase products or services online. On average these projects cost between £800 and £1000