Ace Executive Travel

The company has been dissolved therefore the website is no longer live. However, you can still see our work below.


HTML5 and CSS3

Graphic Design




Online Advertising

What we did:

We had previously designed the website for Ace Executive Travel approximately 7 years prior to this project. In 2016 we decided to upgrade all websites older than 3 years old to bring them up to date with modern technology and consumer needs.

Using our original content we redeveloped the website using HTML and CSS3 concepts to provide a lightweight, responsive and concise design that was suitable to view on any type of device.

The design includes a range of features including an eye catchy opening page that encourages customers straight to the booking page, multiple layouts designed for each page based on requirements of that page, an image gallery, an image slider and a range of communication forms for booking, hiring for contract and general enquiries.

Finally, we created a Facebook Page and linked this to the footer of each page before optimising the site so that it is visible on a range of search engines with high rankings.