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What we did:

I joined the Apollo Pavilion Community Association in 2011 with the view to support the association with marketing, advertising and membership.

In 2012 the association commissioned PixelPals, formerly DW Website Designs, to design and produce an information website for visitors that included photographs, news, project details, links to education in the community and a separate area designed for members of the association that would give them access to agenda, minutes and important notifications.

The website is constantly updated and managed by PixelPals to keep the members informed each and every month.


Dean has served as Secretary of the Apollo Pavilion Community Association for several years, and has discharged his duties in a highly professional way, always producing agendas and minutes of a high quality. The Association exists to promote the Apollo Pavilion, a modernist artifact, and help organise artistic activities centered on it. We have been very successful with involving young people.

As part of his role we commissioned him to set up a website containing information and pictures about the Pavilion. This has been visited by people interested in art and architecture from all over the world, and has received many favourable comments. We have entertained foreign visitors from Sweden who found out about the Pavilion from the website.

Dean's IT skills are of a high order, and he has a highly professional attitude to his work. Without him the APCA would have ceased to function.
– David Taylor-Gooby
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